Transportation Options

Driftwood Legends Sale


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Dale Schnee (970) 520-5513

Anywhere in the United States

Rick Kaeter (320) 250-4300

Nebraska to Central Minnesota

Jeremy Wagner (763) 258-4815

Nebraska to Minnesota

No Limit Transportation (865) 356-1094

Coast to Coast Delivery

Sarah Kaye Kunns (402) 394-1357

Headed back to Chambers, NE. Will deliver within 150 miles of Chambers. 

Jessie Martin (785) 443-5747

Heading to Orleans, NE area just 20 minutes from Kansas border.

Tom Rudd (315) 717-3269

Heading back to Vinita, Oklahoma

Monty Turley (719) 691-5061

Heading to Lamar, Colorado

Marsha Danielle Lancaster (270) 350-3577

Heading to Gracey, Kentucky