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2021 Consignors

View our 2021 Catalog for more information on each consignor or click each link to contact the owners:

  1. Dented K Quarter Horse Ranch
  2. Farnsworth Quarter Horses
  3. AR Quarter Horses
  4. L7 Pippert Ranch
  5. TE Performance Horses
  6. Rothlisberger Horses
  7. Eckert Performance Horses
  8. Teel Quarter Horses
  9. Pollock Quarter Horses
  10. Haythorn Land & Cattle Co
  11. 3B Quarter Horses
  12. Sand Dune Cattle Co
  13. Double T Quarter Horses
  14. YZ Quarter Horses
  15. Kumm Performance Equine
  16. Rich Hacker
  17. Money Maker Performance Horses

    *Addition to the 2021 catalog:

    D and M quarter horses. Dennis and Melia Tullberg. Wayne NE.
    We are just common people that love horses! We started out with a couple 4H projects for or kids. We so enjoyed our Paprika Pine/Poco Bueno mare we decided to try our hand at raising a colt! Dennis spent hours studying the different foundation quarter horses. We decided we really liked Driftwood and Doc Bar bred horses. We accomplished raising some great little colts that have excelled in working a cow and taking care of our Grandaughters! We are incredibly grateful for a young trainer Emily Brennon of Beaver Oklahoma for encouraging us to keep producing what she feels are great minded, trainable all around horses. We want our colts to please, work, and be great family horses. Thank you for considering what we feel will be a horse that doesnt disappoint!

2020 Sale Catalog

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2020 Consignors

View the 2020 Catalog to view more information on our 2020 Consignors.

  1. Dented K Quarter Horse Ranch
  2. Selle Remunda
  3. Greg Meyerkorth
  4. Lazy T Diamond Horses
  5. Tracie Pollock
  6. Bar L Performance Horses
  7. Kitty Peterson
  8. TE Performance Horses
  9. Red River Quarter Horses
  10. Whitney Ray
  11. CR Ranch
  12. Pippert Ranch/L7 Performance Horses
  13. Dwayne Jones
  14. Double T Quarter Horses
  15. Vernyce and William Weber Jr
  16. Dennis Glanzer
  17. Texana Ranch
  18. David Wilson